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How to build your credit from scratch using a Low-Rate Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card - via Dominion Lending Centres in Canada!

"Secured Visa Credit Cards" are credit cards that are super-easy to get - well, here at Dominion Lending Centres anyway! Our Home Trust Low-Rate secured Visa credit card is not only easy to get - but gives you a great low credit card rate: even one of the best and lowest credit card interest-rates in Canada: 14.9%! But let's not get carried away with how great the rate is, because we're here to talk to Canadians like you about how to 'build your credit from scratch' using our Low-Rate secured Visa!

First off, it's very easy to start building credit from scratch: all you need is a Canadian credit card to start. Sometimes it can be hard to get approval for a 'regular' Visa Credit Card if you've never had a credit card before - and we know that sounds strange - but sometimes when some Canadian banks and credit card companies see that you 'don't have a credit card history' they don't want to lend to you - because they don't have any way of telling if you'll be a good client or not. Sometimes we all miss that opportunity in college or university to get those 'entry level' credit cards like Student credit cards - and then it's just harder to get a first credit card after that. But don't worry: here at Dominion Lending - you can get easy approval Home Trust Secured Visas - and start building your credit from the ground up!

Our great "Low-Rate secured Visa" by our Canadian friends at Home Trust, allows you to start building a credit history easily. You've probably noticed we keep calling this credit card a 'secured Visa' and here's why: like any other secured credit card it has to be "secured" by a cash deposit, and here's where we, at Dominion Lending, outperform some of our Canadian competitors: we only require a small $500 cash deposit - which is refundable if you properly close out your Home Trust Visa credit card in the future - whereas our competitors either a) require a much larger cash deposit in the thousands usually or b) allow you to make a similar small cash deposit but then are super-picky about who applies. So we've got you covered on both fronts: we have an Easy Approval process AND a lower cash deposit requirement!

And as you probably know, starting to build a credit history - with a secured Visa such as our Low-Rate Home Trust Visa - is necessary if you want to get a mortgage someday (we offer mortgages here at Dominion Lending too by the way). Or if you want to get other loans like car loans etc. at some point. By investing in our Low-Rate Home Trust secured Visa credit card - you'll be setting yourself up for financial success in the borrowing-world: it's just a wise thing to do!

Go ahead and Apply Online for our Home Trust Low-Rate Secured Visa Credit Card today right here at Dominion Lending Centres - a leading Lender in Canada!

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