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Found yourself in a bad credit situation? But still want a credit card? We hear you! Here at Dominion Lending Centres, we can provide you with a Secured Visa Credit Card for bad credit, by Home Trust, that will work for you JUST like a REAL Visa Credit Card! Not only will you be able to use it at any store, online or off, that regular Visas work it, it will also help you rebuild your credit! All you need is a low $500 cash deposit - which you get back later if you ever close your credit card - and you can easily apply for this secured Home Trust Visa credit card right here online - even with the baddest of bad credit scores! Just click the 'apply for a bad credit Visa' button below:

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our Best Visa Credit Cards for Bad Credit by Home Trust via Canadian Lender, Dominion Lending Centres

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our best Low-Rate Visa Credit Cards for Bad Credit, for Canada - Secured Visas by Home Trust, via Dominion Lending Centres

Looking for a credit card for bad credit? But still want a great low interest-rate? We understand! Here at Dominion Lending Centres you can get a fantastic Home Trust Visa Credit Card a fantastically low credit card interest-rate! How low?? How about 14.9%! 14.9% is one of the best and lowest credit card interest-rates in Canada - and not just for secured Visa credit cards like these - it's a rate that's even competitive with rates for regular Visa Credit Cards! Our Home Trust Low Rate secured Visa credit cards automatically come with a great low rate of 14.9% - you don't have to do anything special to make it that low: it just IS that low! And low interest credit card rates can save you money: if you plan on carrying a larger balance on your new secured Visa credit card from time to time, a lower credit card rate will come in handy and save you money on your credit card interest payments! For example, say you carried an average balance on your new secured Visa credit card of $2,000 a year - with a low interest rate of 14.9% - you'll only pay around $298 in interest payments. But if you had a higher more standard Canadian interest rate of 19.9% - you'd pay around $398 in interest payments - approx. $100 more! So choose our Low Rate Home Trust Visa Credit Card for bad credit today - and start rebuilding you credit at a great low interest-rate!

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our best No-Fee Visa Credit Cards for Bad Credit, for Canada - Secured Visas by Home Trust, via Dominion Lending Centres

Want a credit card even though you're in a bad credit situation? But still don't want to pay any credit card fees? No problem! That's why here at Dominion Lending Centres, we offer a Canadian No-Fee secured Visa credit card option - provided by our Canadian lender Home Trust! Our Home Trust secured Visa credit card gives you freedom to have a credit card again for all the regular usages you can think of! Secured Visa credit cards operate JUST like "regular" credit cards - so don't worry, this is NOT the same thing as a "pre-paid credit card" or a "gift-card credit card" - it's the real deal! And with no-fees you don't have to worry about any extra expenses with this Visa: you just have to use it at least once a year and it will be fee-free! Apply easily online for our No-Fee Home Trust secured Visa credit card - by clicking the 'apply for this secured Visa' button directly below:

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