Visa Credit Cards in Canada (9.9%-12.9%), Home Trust Visa Credit Cards for Bad-Credit, Mortgage Rates + via Dominion Lending Centres: Don Cherry's our Spokesperson!

get 9.9%-12.9% Low-Interest Visa Credit Cards with our Best Credit Card Offers & Visa Rewards! Or get Easy-Approval Secured Home Trust Visa Credit Cards for Bad-Credit - in Canada, online here at Dominion Lending Centres! You've likely already heard: Canadian hockey-legend Don Cherry is our celebrity spokesperson! Also offering: Home Trust Equity-Line Visas & Mortgages!

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Apply for a Low Interest Visa Credit Card

Low-Interest Credit Cards - Canada

get 9.9%-12.9% + Low-Interest Visa Credit Cards - these are some of the best & lowest credit card rates in Canada!

get 9.9% automatically for our:

get 10.9% automatically for our:

get 12.9% for the following Visas, at an additional low-cost of $30/year:

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Apply for a Home Trust Visa Secured Credit Card for Bad Credit

Home Trust Visa Secured Credit Cards for Bad-Credit in Canada

get Easy-Approval Secured Credit Cards for Bad-Credit in Canada, here at Dominion Lending, including our wildly popular:

Closest thing to guaranteed credit cards in Canada, you can easily be approved for these Home Trust Visas in bad-credit situations: even after bankruptcy or during consumer proposal!

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Visa-Rewards at Dominion Lending

Visa Rewards - Canada

Get up to 1%-Back in Visa Rewards-Points on all eligible purchases, and Get the Most Visa-Points by running your eligible bills through our Rewards-Visas! Use your Visa-Rewards-Points to:

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Home Trust Visa HELOC Equity Line of Credit

Home Trust Equity-Line Mortgage-Visa (HELOC/Home Equity Line of Credit)

Our unique Home Trust Equity/Mortgage Visa can put your Home's Equity into Visa-Format, but putting a first or second mortgage on your home property!

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Mortgage Rates and Lenders at Dominion Lending Centres

Mortgage Rates & Lender Options

  • Get Free Mortgage Consultations with our Dominion Lending Centres mortgage agents - Call us at 1-866-880-2577 or fill out our simple Canadian Online Mortgage Application or Contact Form today!
  • Benefit from our lowest and best mortgage-rates for Canada:
    • 2.2% (adjustable rate for a 3 or 5 year term)
    • and 2.59% (fixed rate for a 3 year term) *
  • Get mortgage-rates that can be lower than the posted-rates at Bank Branches - through us here at Dominion Lending!
  • Get mortgage offers from multiple lenders right here at Dominion Lending - our many mortgage-lenders include most major Canadian banks and trust companies!
  • Mortgages for all purposes, including refinance, property purchase, investment properties, equity take out, debt consolidation and more!
  • Both Home and Commercial mortgages available!

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Any Canadian in any Canadian province is welcome to apply for the Visa Credit Cards in our "Dominion Lending Centres" line of Visas, as well as our Mortgages. When it comes to our easy-approval "Home Trust Visa Secured Credit Cards" for bad-credit - all residents of Canada are welcome to apply except for the residents of Quebec at this point in time. Thank you for your understanding.

Approval for our Dominion Lending or Home Trust Visa credit cards cannot be guaranteed. Applicants must be Canadian and the age of majority in their province of residence, which is 18 in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Saskatchewan, and 19 in British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, and the Yukon.